Awwwww Shit!
You best roll up your WINDOWS (any version you be runnin')
and lock your doors, and hope
your computer
screen is BulletProof!
'Cause you just took a wrong turn on the internet and ended up in a Baaaaaad neighborhood!
If you're a cracker, you betta get yo ass up outta here
because this Soul Site here is just for the Badass Brothers, Ghetto Godesses and Project Princesses!
Pop a Cap in Whitey's Ass and Enter The Niggabyte
Gigabyte Ghetto


"Give her a Tootsie Roll and Tell Her Thanks For The Pussyhole!"
-- RIP --
Eric "Eazy-E" Wright

Pop a Cap in Whitey's Ass and Enter The NiggaByte Gigabyte Ghetto

This here website is best viewed on a computer stolen from some
Honkey Muthafucka!
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If not, Click here.
By Flash, I don't mean yo nappy ass sista showin her stank booty out the window, Fool!

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