iPodLounge posts a photo of new iTunes Gift Cards which will be available at Target stores.

The cards are expected to go on sale as of February 15t... [MacRumors comments10:00 PM

  Destineer subsidiary MacSoft on Wednesday announced the pending release of a Mac version of the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT 2K4) demo. The Mac demo has been released on the same day as its PC counterpart, fulfilling a promise made by the game's developer in recent weeks to provide the Mac and PC versions of the demo within a few hours of each other. [MacCentral comments3:35 PM

  I learned how to install Movable Type, so I should be switch over to it soon. > Geekout! > Installing Movable Type In OS X  comments10:16 PM
  My friend and I built an antenna to steal internet from his neighbors, it failed miserably. The antenna seamed to work in his kitchen but it really wasn't. I want him to buy a WiFi. By the way my friend (Ray) is gay. He keeps making fun of me cause I spell things wrong.  comments1:21 PM

  Ok this is the worst ad I have ever read! Well its from Microsoft and says that it cost less over time compared to Linux! YEA RIGHT! Read it and comment. Download It  comments6:59 PM

  Trying yet another blog tool called ecto, so far so go  comments10:05 PM

  Dude someone buy me an iPod mini!Their cool cause of the colors, but for another $50 you can get a 15GB which is also new. But the normal iPods can't be green and fit on your arm. Well that's not all that came out at Apple, iLife '04 came out which has this cool thing called Garageband which is like apples soundtrack. What's cool is you can suck at playing music and mix prerecorded clips, that would help me out a lot. The Xserve G5 came out but I don't really care because I don't have 5 grand in my pocket to waste on a server, well it would be nice to host this blog on. Oh, Final Cut Express 2 came out and Final Cut Express 2 was so cool, you could get it for $100 if you bought a new Mac and I tried it out, and had absolutely no idea how to use it. So I definitely not going buy Final Cut Express 2. Thats all the new news from Macworld Expo, go to and watch some of it.  comments10:01 PM

  I was reading Electronic Gaming Monthly and came along something very funny.
  comments10:36 PM

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