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Mission Statement

Hird Associates provides coaching in client relationship-building, employee management and presentation skills.  Our coaching programs are particularly appropriate for mid-career professionals transitioning into managerial and business development roles, including:

  • information technology developers moving into project management roles

  • law firm attorneys moving into business development and client counseling roles

  • financial services professionals moving into business development roles

It has been Hird Associates’ experience that the interpersonal skills involved in these career transitions can be taught to anyone.  We have found the most effective teaching method to be through an experiential "learn by doing" approach.  This approach involves the use of mock scenarios that imitate real work situations.  Clients are placed in these scenarios and experiment with ways to handle the given situations.  During sessions, coaches work to heighten the client’s awareness of the situation and to offer adjustments to the client’s approach.  These coaching sessions give clients a framework for handling their expanded roles as they move into managerial and business development positions.  At the same time, the individualized attention allows clients to develop their own personal style as they follow the framework.










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